Bridal and Vintage Item Cleaning Services

Some of life’s most important sentiments are marked by special attire. Whether it’s the dress you walked down the aisle in or the vintage jacket your late dad always wore, these garments are special to us. We want them to last a lifetime—and they can with proper cleaning and care. Let Barry’s Cleaners & Launderers help you when it comes to preserving a wedding dress or sprucing up a decades-old piece of attire that needs a little love.

Wedding Dress Cleaning

At Barry’s Cleaners & Launderers, we know how special your wedding dress is to you. We pay keen attention to all the little details when caring for it, including beads, hems and linings. Each gown is individually cleaned by one of our specialists and handled with the utmost care. Expect a white-glove approach that other companies often charge hundreds (sometimes thousands) to perform! Not only do we do it for less, we do it with care.

Vintage Apparel Cleaning

Beyond preserving a wedding dress, we can also breathe new life into vintage items. Whether it’s a thrift shop treasure or something passed down through your family, we take a meticulous approach to vintage apparel cleaning and maintenance. Count on us to launder it carefully and with mind to the material, and to take special care in dry cleaning, stain treating, spot repairs and much more.

Specialty Item Dry Cleaning

Have a special item with extreme sentimental value that needs dry cleaning? We know items like a baby’s blanket or a childhood sports jersey are irreplicable. Our team handles them with the utmost care, and always takes the sentimentality of the article into consideration when choosing how to clean it. Expect amazing results, with no damage to your special item.

Dry Cleaning with a Delicate Touch

Time, wear and tear can take a toll on life’s most sentimental garments. From wedding dress cleaning to dry cleaning for sentimental items, Barry’s Cleaners & Launderers brings your most important articles back to life, while preserving their memories. Questions? Call us today at 860-447-8220 to chat with us about cleaning services.