Can All Wedding Dresses Be Altered To Fit?

Can you alter a wedding dress? The short answer to this question is, yes, all wedding dresses can be altered to fit, but you may hear some tailors say that this can not happen. Generally speaking, it will depend on how much work your tailor can do and will do on a gown. When purchasing a gown off the rack, you can expect some wedding gown alterations.

In most cases, tailors can expect to bring a dress up or down one or two sizes at most. A wedding gown rarely needs to be altered more than that. Still, for the most romantic day of your life, miracles can happen. Find out what you need to know about wedding gown alterations when purchasing a gown off the rack.

You Can Downsize a Wedding Dress

Gowns purchased off the rack aren’t the only gowns that need to be tailored. Vintage gowns and inherited gowns also need to be tailored, and sometimes the size is just too big. It is much easier to downsize a wedding dress than to make it bigger, but even downsizing can be difficult if you don’t have the right tailor.

The main challenge with downsizing a wedding gown is that you could impact the design structure of the dress if you go down too much. Taking a hem or seam in a little can be done by almost any tailor. If the dress is very large, a tailor can help resize it and reshape it. Choose a tailor with decades of experience doing exactly that.

You Can Make a Wedding Gown Bigger if You Want

Making a wedding gown bigger is not as easy, but a talented tailor can do the job. To upsize a wedding gown, your tailor can take a few steps here. One easy way to upsize a wedding gown is to let the seams out if there is room to work with. There often is, as gowns are typically designed and manufactured with room to spare in the seams. Show your dress to your tailor with your measurements; this may be a good starting point for your wedding gown alterations.

Again, the structural integrity of the dress is essential here. An experienced tailor knows exactly how to manage the redesign of a dress when making it larger while maintaining the structural foundation of it all.

Hire an Expert for Wedding Gown Alterations

When you are having your wedding gown tailored, an experienced tailor is the best choice. This is a day in your life when you want professionals that can help you to make your dress your own. Since 1952, Barry’s Cleaners & Launderers has been providing superior tailoring services to vintage gowns, wedding gowns off the rack, and performing many other wedding gown alterations that will help make your dress as unique as you and your special day. Call us today for a quote.