How To Store Your Seasonal Linens

If you have bedding that you would like to change after the summer ends in preparation for the winter, it is essential that you properly store the previous bedding. This ensures that they remain in good condition for when you are ready for the next season.

Tips for Storing Seasonal Linens

Here are some tips that you can consider when storing your seasonal bedding. But, remember, no matter the location you choose, store bedding inside the house.

Choose Storage Area Carefully

If you are storing your seasonal linens, you need to ensure that you do this the right way. If you have additional storage under your bed, ensure that you prevent them from developing odors, stains, or becoming damaged in the process. Never keep your linen stored outside to prevent insects from invading them. If you choose to store them in your linen closet, this is probably a great choice. But, not every household has a linen closet. If this sounds like your case, maybe you can store your linens in a secured compartment, such as underneath an ottoman.

Additionally, cupboards that contain empty shelves are another good option. If you choose to use your pantry, make sure that you store your bedding in plastic bins with secured lids. Avoid using cardboard since this type of material is what attracts many insects and pests.

Use Pillowcases

If you are looking for an effective storing method for your seasonal bedding, fold them and put them inside your pillowcases. You can even organize them by design, so they are easier to identify when you are ready to use them again. If you are trying to store your comforter for the season, you will probably find it challenging to stuff it inside a small pillowcase or even a shelf for that matter. Instead, you can vacuum seal your comforters to decrease their size for easy storage. This method only works for non-down comforters.

Steer Clear of Mothballs

There isn’t any person that enjoys the smell or presence of mothballs. Mothballs can trigger allergies and destroy your linen. If you keep your linens stored inside your home, you can easily avoid them. Cedar boards can come in handy for storing bedding if you are worried about pests invading them. Cedar will help to keep insects away and also keep your linen crisp.

Wash Your Bedding

Don’t forget to thoroughly wash bedding before storing it. Washing your bedding before storing it away prevents them from developing odors and keeps them fresh. Even if your bedding doesn’t smell, you should consider washing it prior to storage. Even linen with a barely noticeable smell can cause discoloration and mold and mildew to grow if not washed first.