Should You Get Your Wedding Dress Dry Cleaned Before Your Wedding?

Should I clean my wedding dress before my wedding? Every other person planning for their big day has several questions to ask, and cleaning their wedding gown is one. There’s no argument that such individuals want to maintain the highest standards by having their dress shining. In this blog, you’ll get a detailed understanding of why should you get your wedding dress cleaned before the wedding.

When Should You Clean Your Wedding Dress?

Ideally, you should clean your wedding dress right after buying it; six to twelve months before your big day is the best time to get it cleaned. You’re giving the cleaner enough time to work on the dress and get it back to you well in advance.

However, there are some critical cases where you may not have the time to clean it before your wedding. For example, if you’ve bought a used wedding dress, you must get it cleaned right away to remove any stains or odors.

Why Should You Get Your Wedding Dress Cleaned?

There are several reasons why you should consider cleaning your wedding dress before your big day.

  • Preserve the Fabric

One of the common reasons for cleaning your wedding dress is to preserve the fabric. When you allow dirt, sweat, makeup, and other stains to sit on the dress, it can cause irreparable damage to the fabric. 

  • Remove Stains

Another reason for cleaning your wedding dress before the wedding is to remove all kinds of stains. Whether it’s lipstick, oil, or food that has stained the dress during a previous fitting, cleaning it can help you get rid of it.

  • Great Cleaning Deal

If you’re looking to get your wedding dress cleaned, you should consider doing it before the big day. Many cleaners offer fantastic deals when you book in advance. You can save massive amounts of money by getting your dress cleaned well in advance.

  • Get Rid of Odors

When you wear your dress even for a short try-on, it’s bound to pick up some odors. Whether it’s the smell of food or cigarettes, these odors can be quite challenging to remove. Getting your dress cleaned can help you eliminate these odors and make it smell fresh and new again.

  • Not Purchased Locally

If you’ve purchased your dress from a designer or a store that’s not local, getting it cleaned well in advance can be a great option. This way, you can ensure that the dress is clean and ready to wear on your big day.

Bottom line

As you’ve already noticed, there are several reasons why you should get your wedding dress dry cleaned before your wedding. Whether to preserve the fabric or remove any stains, getting your dress cleaned can be a great option. So, if you’re planning to take vows soon, make sure you get your dress cleaned well in advance. Reach out to Barry’s Cleaners & Launderers, the best dry-cleaning store in town, for expert help and guidance.