Why You Should Dry Clean Your Wedding Dress

The planning is done. The reception is over. You’re back from your honeymoon. But there’s one more wedding-related task on your to-do list: your wedding dress. What should you do with it? How should you care for it? Many brides ask themselves, “Do I need to take my wedding dress to a dry cleaner?”

The answer is yes. There are several reasons for this. If you’re asking yourself, “Should I dry clean my wedding dress?” consider the following helpful information.

Tough stains

Your wedding dress probably endured a lot over the course of your wedding day. Perhaps you or someone else spilled food or drink that ended up on your dress. Maybe you hugged several teary-eyed relatives whose makeup made its way onto your gown. If you danced the night away at a reception, the hem of the dress may have gotten trampled or picked up a lot of grime from the floor.

From cake to champagne to mascara and more, your wedding dress may look a lot less pristine than it did when you put it on at the start of the day. Now, you will need the expertise of a professional dry cleaner to get all of these stains out so you can preserve your dress in its original condition.

Delicate materials

Most wedding dresses feature delicate materials and finishing touches. From beads to lace to buttons and bows, these features must be treated carefully when the gown is cleaned. If they are not handled appropriately, they can crack, chip, rip or become lost in the cleaning process. Many of these features must be carefully removed and cleaned separately.

To avoid damage to your dress, take it to a dry cleaner. These experts know the best methods to use to protect your wedding dress and return it to you in top condition. They will take the time to properly clean your gown and protect it from harm. Be sure to look for dry cleaners that have a proven track record and experience in cleaning wedding gowns.

Perfect preservation

If you are debating whether you should dry clean your wedding dress, you probably have future plans for your gown. You want to preserve it as a keepsake, or perhaps pass it on to a family member in the future. Investing in dry cleaning services will help you do this.

The experts at the dry cleaner will carefully clean your wedding dress, then hand press it using the best method for delicate materials. Then, you will receive your wedding gown enclosed in a wedding dress box or protective bag. It will be in the perfect condition to preserve for posterity.

We specialize in wedding dresses

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